Well hello, everyone! I decided to delete my old website and create this new one. I wanted a new look on everything. First off, you’ll notice that you have quick access to the latest “Greatest Podcast Ever” episode from the homepage! I will also be posting show notes for all future episodes, so you can skip to the parts you actually give a crap about! I honestly didn’t blog or post that much to the other website because I spent weeks working on it, and I still didn’t LOVE the way it looked.

After the final show of Friday Night Cranks, I took a little bit of a break which was very well needed, and I had a lot of fun enjoying life while secretly plotting in my head how this new project of mine will all come together.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out on Twitter asking me when the website was going to be up, and when the podcast was going to be back! It’s awesome to know a lot of you care so much about the content I put out!



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